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Tips for Emergency when at home

Tuesday 19th, April, 2011

Go Haven have compiled useful tips for home owners, landlords and tenants in the event of an emergency.



  Find your incoming mains water STOP TAP usually found under the sink, near the bottom Shelf

 To see if it works ,turn it off, then turn on the sinks cold tap- it should slow down and stop

 Also check to see if you have a BOUNDARY STOP TAP - This is the property of the
    water authority, its usually situated on the pavement or verge.

 On older property it can supply 2 or 3 properties, notify other users if you have to turn off.

  Modern boundary stop taps sometimes incorporate the water meter


Bursts and Leaks

  Turn main STOP TAP OFF

  Turn ON bath, sink, and basin taps until the flow of water has stopped

  Call a Plumber


Freezing Conditions

  Turn main STOP TAP OFF if you are going away during the Winter period

  Turn ON bath, sink, and basin taps until the flow of water has stopped


Frozen Pipes

  If you suspect pipes are frozen DON'T IGNITE HEAT SOURCE i.e. Boiler
    (especially solid fuel boilers)

  REASON: If the vent pipe is frozen the boiler may explode



If you smell GAS:

  DON'T use a naked flame

  DON'T switch on/off lights and sockets

  DO open windows and doors

  Find the GAS METER and TURN OFF supply

  Contact either Transco 0800 111 999 (note this number) or a Gas Safe registered engineer


Gas Fires and Appliances

If you feel drowsy in a room which has a GAS FIRE or GAS/OIL APPLIANCE:


  Have it inspected IMMEDIATELY before using again



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