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DIY can be ok for tenants, as long as they get permission

Sunday 10th, February, 2013

Tenants living in rental properties in the UK should be able to undertake a bit of do-it-yourself work on their home - but only if they get written permission from their landlord/agent beforehand.

In order to secure their best chances at being given the green light by their landlord, tenants should confirm exactly what they want to do and how long they expect it will take.  "Whether you're looking to install new cupboards, kitchen worktops or floor coverings, select neutral colour schemes that are unlikely to offend future tenants or buyers.

"A landlord may agree to your renovation/snag requests, but ask that you 'make good' and return the property to its former state when you move out”.  "From the perspective of the landlord, it's an understandable request. After all it's their investment and any change you make might decrease the property's value."

By advising tenants to get any permission confirmed in writing before making any changes at all to their home.  This benefit both the tenant (by ensuring their landlord cannot say they didn't inform them to go ahead) and also the landlord, who will be able to use the written 'contract' in their favour if the tenant makes changes that weren't approved.

Given the recent introduction of the Green Deal, which will allow the British public to take loans from the government in order to make their homes more energy efficient, the information provided, may become very useful in the coming months.

According to, Britons will be able to have changes made to their homes - such as insulating them or adding double glazing - without any (or with little) upfront cost; something which will likely prove attractive to many across the nation.

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